About us

We created Cuvva because of our own poor experiences dealing with insurance companies. Too often they were slow, painful and were only interested in their own agenda. Not us!

We weren't insurance guys at the time, but we did know a lot about tech and believed we could build a much better and smarter experience for customers. One that helps them get about, puts them in control, cuts out the middleman and also saves money.

We started with Cuvva for sharing and have now introduced a subscription product for infrequent drivers.

It's early days and we're not afraid to try new things if that means a better experience for customers, so please keep your comments coming in.

Our beliefs

Creating a new insurance system

We believe in challenging the broken, bloated and lazy insurance category. We want to create a new system that works better for users.

Giving power through software

We believe in the positive power of software, technology and data. Customers get better experiences and we make better decisions.

Being hyper adaptive

We believe that quickly adapting to an ever-changing world around is vital. We're not afraid to change course or take ownership of areas outside our comfort zone when it's the best interests of our customers and our business.

Our team

  • Phil Arnold

    Phil Arnold

    Lead Android Engineer

  • James Billingham

    James Billingham

    Co-founder & CTO

  • Joe Bloom

    Joe Bloom

    Customer Operations

  • Giles Calder

    Giles Calder

    Customer Operations

  • Leonora Carr

    Leonora Carr

    Head of Customer Operations

  • James Cunningham

    James Cunningham

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Zahra Dad

    Zahra Dad

    Customer Operations

  • Laura Dyett

    Laura Dyett

    Customer Operations

  • Simon Edwards

    Simon Edwards

    Product Manager

  • Blake Folgado

    Blake Folgado

    Lead Designer

  • Alex Forbes-Reed

    Alex Forbes-Reed

    Software Engineer

  • Loren Gould

    Loren Gould

    Head of Growth

  • Ryan Lindsey

    Ryan Lindsey

    Head of Community

  • Freddy Macnamara

    Freddy Macnamara

    Founder & CEO

  • Heather Maxpherson

    Heather MacPherson

    Customer Operations

  • Hovik Melikyan

    Hovik Melikyan

    Lead iOS Engineer

  • George Miller

    George Miller

    Software Engineer

  • Max Nijhof

    Max Nijhof

    Customer Operations

  • Andy Tomlinson

    Andy Tomlinson


  • Amanda Topping

    Amanda Topping

    Customer Operations

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